Free Slots Games – Why You Don’t Need to Download Them

I’m sure you are wondering what the big deal is with free slots games, I do have to agree that I too find it somewhat interesting, but I also find myself a little suspicious. Yes, I get that they say that you can download them straight to your computer and you can start playing immediately, and they are completely safe and legal too, well I’m going to tell you a bit more about this. The thing that I find most curious about this though is that you really do not need to download them.

free slots no download

Some of these sites you can actually download to your computer but if you do start playing then they will put a pop up onto your screen and it will ask you to pay to continue, so in effect you will be putting money into the system which is exactly what a lot of people like about free slots. But is this really a scam?

There are two ways to play free slots, the first being that you go to one of the online casinos where you are given a virtual card and can play in a virtual casino, and once you win then you win real money. This is really a very fast way to earn some cash, but what makes it really interesting is that once you win the money you do not have to spend any more than that, plus you can win money over again.

The other way to play the game is to go to an actual casino where you can play either the virtual card or the paid games, and once you win you do not have to spend any more money than you did before. This way you can win money very quickly, but once you stop winning then you have to start buying credits again, which is why it is said that you don’t need to download free slots games.

So does that mean that all of these sites are scams? Well, I would say they are mostly scams anyway, there are sites that offer you a free slot and then charge you for the downloads, and some are free but they still charge you. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that they can download a free slots game straight to their computer and start playing, and they are very tempted to do this, but they are ruining their chances of winning.

You must remember that the sites that offer you a free slot and will let you download it right away charge a certain amount of money in order to download it, and they might even add a small start up fee, so don’t think that they are free. As well as these sites not needing to download the software to your computer they also may not provide you with any bonuses at all so don’t go looking for free cash.

One of the best sites on the Internet where you can play free slots is one called PrimePlay where they will let you download the software and start playing right away. Although there are a few sites that will say that they are from PrimePlay but there is a big difference between them being affiliated to it, so you need to be careful.

My advice is that you should definitely go to the website where you can download a free slots game and start playing immediately. If you go to one of the sites that say that they are from PrimePlay then be very careful because you will lose all your money if you are caught downloading free slots games from this site.