The Australian e-Heritage Portal is a collaboration between FAIMS (Federated Archeological Information Management Systems), the University of Queensland eResearch Lab and the Queensland and Victorian Heritage Branches.

The cultural heritage branches across Australia hold rich and unique documentation on significant places and landscapes – and the people and events associated with them. The information held in these heritage listings supports the conservation, maintenance and re-use of listed sites and provides a rich resource of primary and secondary material for historical, cultural and architectural researchers. The proposed Australian e-Heritage Portal will make this material openly and easily available to researchers, educators and the community through a single Web site.

The aim of the e-Heritage Portal is to eventually provide a single online federated search interface across all of the State- and Territory-based and National heritage registers (which to date are stand-alone databases with separate Web-based search interfaces).

The first stage of the Australian e-Heritage Portal involves the development of a prototype which will provide a common search interface across the Queensland and Victorian Heritage registers through the harvesting and integration of the metadata records for each heritage site. Future development will involve the integration of heritage registers/databases from the other states and territories (e.g., NSW, South Australia, Northern Territory, ACT, WA).

The Web-based portal will include a search, browse and retrieval interface that combines keyword/ ontology searching, and mapping and time-line interfaces to allow users to interactively search for significant heritage sites (and associated photos, drawings, descriptions) by topic, place, time, creator, period etc.