Rocky Point Heritage Area


Construction Period


The Barwon river frontage has been used for industry and stone quarrying since the early settlement of Newtown. Rocky Point Heritage Area is important as an early landmark along the river and as the site of early Geelong industries including tanning, icemaking, quarrying for stone, stone crushing works, soap and candle works. The importance of this area relates to the extant structures namely the significant heritage places of "Austral Paper Mill", Redpath's Woollen Mills together with "Barwon Bank" that is prominent on the site and the site of the former Harrison's ice-making reflecting it's industrial heritage.

The area has important historical associations in terms of pioneering individuals and families in the locality. The area demonstrates the important evolution of industry (in some cases world wide) and provides opportunities for interpretation. The area may also contain some sub-surface remains of earlier industries. A notable feature of this area is the lack of uniformity within the precinct with ad-hoc placement of buildings. There are significant views towards Barwon River on the Highton/Belmont side cliff face.


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