Cook's Cottage


Fitzroy Gardens
East Melbourne
Melbourne City, VIC, 3002

Construction Period


Cook's Cottage, Fitzroy Gardens: Originally situated in Great Ayton in Yorkshire, the cottage was built in stone by Captain Cook's father in 1755. Cook is said to have visited the cottage and his mother died here in 1768. After his father's departure from the village around 1772, it was rebuilt in a different form. Through the efforts of Sir Russell Grimwade, it was purchased and re-erected here in 1934. Some new materials were used in the rebuilding.

This tiny structure stands today as a monument to Captain Cook and to Sir Russell Grimwade who purchased the cottage and arranged for its removal. It provides Australians with a unique historic link to England and is a well-loved feature of the Fitzroy Gardens. It was originally erected by Captain Cook's father and was visited by Cook during his home visits. Detached from its village, it reflects the architecture of the Great Ayton area. The interior is appropriately furnished.

The original appearance of the building has suffered by its several alterations, reconstructions and removal to Australia. Its present appearance, however, cannot be substantially improved.

Classified 25/05/1961


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